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  • Are all the goods shown on webpage in stock? / 商品有現貨嗎?
    Yes, all goods are available which are shown on the webpages. / 在網上有顯示的皆有現貨,但也因應銷售狀況。
  • Can I pre-order the out-of-stock items? / 缺貨時可訂貨嗎?
    Yes, we will accept the pre-order items but not all the out-of-stock items can be ordered. Please contact our customer service for the pre-order items. We will check for our manufacturer🏭 before your pre-order. The order period is around 14 working days normally if there are available. / 我們是有設訂購服務。但未必所有缺貨款式都能訂購,因此有可能出現不能訂貨問題。如若訂購,請聯絡我們的客服。訂購期要先查詢廠商🏭,一般需14天工作天左右。
  • Can I cancel the order after payment? / 付款後可以取消訂單嗎?
    If the goods is still in stock, the order cannot be cancelled. / 如沒有缺貨,客人是不能取消訂單。
  • Can I return / refund after receiving the goods? / 收到貨品後可以退貨或換貨嗎?
    Please go to return & exchange policy / 請瀏覽退換政策。
  • What forms of payment do you accept? / 接受哪種支付方式?
    Credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. Please feel free to contact our customer service if you wanna pay via Payme/FPS. / 信用卡,借記卡和PayPal。請讓我們客服知道您是否想通過Payme/轉數快付款。
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